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System flooring of all types, are increasingly becoming an integral part of modern building design.

This allows you to fully exploit your desired claim to space and utilization concepts that are as individual as possible and can be changed at short notice.

Within the framework of modern facility management, system floors are mostly used in offices, data centers, production and workshop rooms, among others.

Mainly where you need to ensure access to all supply lines in the system floor, e.g. raised floor or cavity floor, at any time and without much effort.

System floors allow as a rule uncomplicated installation planning.

They are used not only in open-plan offices, but also in banks and numerous other buildings. As a system floor and raised floor manufacturer & dealer, we will be happy to advise you.

Especially in electrical rooms where high demands are made on transverse stability and load bearing, so-called control room floors are used as system floors.

In the normal walking area of these rooms, raised floor is laid, and in the area of the control cabinets, C-profiles are used to form a frame for the system floor.

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