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System floors of various descriptions provide an answer to the demand for customized, versatile room and utilization concepts, which can be changed at short notice within the framework of a modern facility management system.

System floor, i.e. variations of raised and/or hollow floor systems, are certainly characterized by the fact that they are produced with a high degree of precision in accordance with stringent industrial manufacturing standards.

Installations of system floors are mainly used in offices, data centers, production and workshop areas where you need immediate and easy access to the supply lines in the cavity underneath the floor.

System floors enable an uncomplicated installation management in open-plan offices, but also in banks and many other types of building.

Especially in electric rooms, where high requirements are placed on lateral stability and load bearing, so-called switch-floor systems with C-profiles are used. Standard raised floor panels are installed in walkway areas whereas in server rooms C-profiles are used for racks.

Installation heights of up to several meters open up a vast range of design diversity for interior designers

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