Acoustic floor for modern architecture

Modern architecture uses a high proportion of sound-reflecting materials such as e.g. Exposed concrete and glass, which influence the reverberation time unfavorably. As a result of this – beside room facilities and people – practically only the floor is available as absorption area.

Type and extent of sound absorption in the acoustics raised floor panel are determined by three elements:

  1. carpet
  2. Hole grid of the bottom plate
  3. absorber

Each of these three components significantly influences the measured and sensorially perceived result of the achieved modern room acoustics.

By varying the three elements, the acoustic raised floor can be adapted to the respective requirements.


  • Sound reflecting is absorbed through the carpet into the panel element
  • Significantly improved absorption values compared with any other hollow floor solution
  • No effects on the installations in the hollow space
  • No restrictions on the ventilation through the hollow space
  • Combinations with conventional panel elements assured
  • The mechanical and static properties are maintained
  • Different versions provide «made-to measure acoustics»
  • We use the know-how acquired by the market leader for modern acoustic panels

Horstmann & Berger (Altensteig/D) were responsible for calculating the acoustics. Each of these three components (carpet, hole pattern, absorber) exerts a significant influence on the perceived and measured results of the implemented modern room acoustics and sound reflecting.

The three elements can be varied to adapt an acoustic raised floor to meet the specific requirements. Part of the campus project for Novartis Pharma AG in Basel, the modern Sanaa Building is a classic example of the way in which acoustic raised floor panels can be used.

This newly constructed 6-storey building complex comprises two longitudinal wings, each measuring 5.6 x 84 meters, and most of the rooms are used as modern offices. The longitudinal facades are completely made of glass and fair-faced concrete has b