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The soaring demand for data services is challenging many hosters and data center operators to ensure the economic operation of their data centers, especially at high packing densities per rack.

WEISS Doppelbodensysteme is approaching this problem by developing a brand new line of product such as HydroLogic Panel. This system is using water as cooling media in order to dissipate occurring heat. Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH now bears this challenge with the development of the system “HydroLogic Panel”.

In this system water is used as a medium for heat dissipation. Water is channeled through the raised floor in the cold and hot aisle.

High-performance fans ensure the demand-oriented airflow, by sucking in the air from the hot aisle and blow it out in the cold aisle, in each case through the heat exchanger.

The respective elements are designed for the size 600 x 600 mm and thus fit exactly into the existing pitch of the raised floor in the data center.

Special sizes can be realized on customer request. At a water supply temperature of 12°C and a discharge temperature of 18°C, a heat dissipation of 10 kW per plate is achieved.

HydroLogic panels can be placed in front and behind the rack for maximum heat dissipation up to 20 kW per rack. Both, closed circuits from one rack and open circuits for multiple racks can be created.

Wassergekühlte Doppelbodenplatte
  • Water-chilled raised floor tile for heat dissipation in data centers
  • Suitable for the usual raised floor 600 x 600 mm grid
  • 10 KW heat dissipation capacity
  • Minimal void height raised floor 400 mm
  • Can be installed in all standard raised floors
  • Suitable for new data centers or for retrofitting in existing data centers
  • Can be placed sucking in hot aisle or pressing in cold aisle
  • Control via target temperature or pressure
  • Optimal, energy-efficient heat dissipation up to 20 KW per rack
  • Different heights and capacities available
  • Scalable – easy exchange of raised floor panels for active panels
  • No waste of white space
  • In addition to existing CRAC/CRAH Hydrologic Panels can be placed into the hot aisle

3D Modell

Interactive view

We have prepared an interactive 3D model. You can take a closer look at a Hydrologic Panel here.

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Hydrologic Panel

Technical Data


Admeasurement600 x 600 mm
Thickness350 mm, without cover
TopsidePVC, HPL, rubber
Weight36 kg
Building Material classA1
Free air outlet39%
Materialsteel, powder coated
Resistance to ground< 10⁸ Ohm (depending on the covering)

Load bearing capacity

Ultimate load>6kN
Finish floor heights500 - 2000 mm


Voltage230 V
Power consumption140 W

400 W XL Version
Spread water12°C/18°C
Air supply temprature21° – 30°C
Water connector3 / 4‘‘
Max Pressure10 bar
Pressure loss1 bar max
cooling mediaWater- or glycole-water mix

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