Server racks in data centers can vary in load and heat. Especially server virtualization and cloud technologies can lead to changing workloads.

As a result an under- or oversupply of cold air can occur.

This can either cause unnecessary operation expenses or hot spots which might lead to server failure.

With JetPanel hot spots can be eliminated exactly at their occurrence without additional ducting housings or any other installations.

The air supply is regulated via a control unit according to preset set points.

They reduce the global fan performance of the CRAC unit and supply air where needed.

The JetPanel of Weiss raised floor systems GmbH can easily be integrated in a new or existing raised floor pattern.

A powerful EC-fan is available in two different performance levels. Target and eliminate your data center troubles.

JETpanel is made from a DIN EN 12825 certified steel ventilation panel with 39% free surface area and an EC-fan.

A central control unit can cover up to 4 temperature units.