Safe Panel Luft filtern draufsicht

Activate your raised floor and protect yourself and your employees.
Powerful fans actively suck the air into the raised floor.

This air is led through an air duct over a passive plate with an H13 virus filter.

A fan can moove up to 4,000 m³ of air per hour. A passive plate can filter up to 700m³ of air. This means you can operate several passive panels with one active panel in a central location.

Stay healthy and filter your air

Scientists recommend this in order to reduce the possible viral load by 90% and thereby significantly minimizing the risk of infection. 

In addition to viruses of all kinds, an H13 filter, filters of course, dust, pollen and all kinds of particles from the air also contribute to a significantly better indoor climate.

The active and passive safety panel, which operates particularly quietly, can be installed in any raised with a 200 mm finished floor height (FFH)

Since an airduct is used there is no need of additional measures to upgrade the floor.