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Calciumsulphate, a natural material, also known as gypsum, is mined in open cast mines. Raised floor panels made of calciumsulphate have extremely high densities and are extremely rigid.

Gypsum has very good properties in terms of load bearing and fire resistance as well as acoustic. Due to the used materials which are gypsum, water and paper fibers the emission in rooms is zero.

Calciumsulphate panels are offering a high-flexibility and are the most versatile product family in our portfolio.

Raised Floor, hollow floor, Acoustic Floor, Load capacity from 1 to 20 kN.

Calciumsulphate raised floor made of gypsum is applicable with almost every type of covering.

Calciumsulphate - gypsum

Technical Data


Admeasurement600 x 600 mm (other sizes on request)
Thickness16 – 42 mm
TopsideAluminum foil, steel sheet, PVC, Lino, rubber, parquet, laminate, stone, carpet
BottomsideAluminum foil, steel sheet
Weight40 – 90 kg/m2
Materialcalciumsulfate panel


Typ BS M 16 OKF up to440 mm
Typ CS M 20 (24x2) OKF up to1450 mm
Typ DS M20 (26x3) OKF up to2000 mm

Load bearing capacity

Pointload1 kN - 10 kN
Acc. to DIN EN 128251 - 6
Ultimate load2 kN - 20 kN

Fire protection

Building material classEN 13501-1 | B -S2, D0
Fire resistance classEN 1366 | bis REI 30

Noise reduction

Noise reduction acc. DIN EN 10848
Ln,f,wDn,f,w in dBΔLw in dB (Tritt-)R`w in dB

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