This natural, sustainable raw material is the ideal product to manufacture raised floor panels from.

The combination of pricing and load bearing capacity as well as fire resistance makes chipboard raised floors hard to beat.

For our raised floors we are using exclusively sustainable produced high density chipboards.

Thicknesses of 28 to 38 mm are covering almost all areas of performance and pricing. Ranging from 1 to 10 kN.

Raised floor panels made of chipboard are applicable with a wide variety of coverings.


Admeasurement600 x 600 mm (other sizes on request)
Thickness28 - 38 mm
TopsideAluminum foil, steelsheet, PVC, Lino, rubber,
parquet, laminate, stone, carpet
BottomsideAluminum foil, sheet steel
Weight24 - 50 kg/m2
Materialhigh density chipboard
Emmission classE 1


Typ BS M 16 OKF up to440 mm
Typ CS M 20 (24×2) OKF up to1450 mm
Typ DS M20 (26×3) OKF up to2000 mm

Load bearing capacity

Point load1 kN - 10 kN
Acc. to DIN EN 128251 - 6
Ultimate load2 kN - 20 kN

Fire protection

Building mat