High Pressure Laminate


High Pressure Laminates are “the” classic laminates. For melamine-based laminate floors, the surface consists of several thin layers of paper, impregnated with thermosetting melamine resins. All layers become a strong and unsoftenable composite under high pressure and heat.

HPL floors are relatively complex to manufacture and therefore offer higher impact, pressure and edge strengths in comparison to other laminate floors.

A raised floor with HPL flooring is the low-cost alternative to raised  floor boards with parquet flooring, but still offers a large number of advantages.

Bodenbelag aus PVC

Capability of resistance and security

  • extremely resistant to abrasion
  • extremely shock and scratch resistant
  • antistatic
  • light resistant
  • food safe
  • odorless
  • extremely weather-resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals, water and organic foods
  • Flame resistant surface

Environmental compatibility and cleanability

  • hygienic, due to the closed, non-porous structure
  • insensitive to soiling and easy to clean
  • Cleaning with commercially available cleaners
  • HPL panels do not contain organic halogen (chlorine, fluorine, bromine, etc.) compounds. They contain neither asbestos nor wood preservatives (fungicides, pesticides, etc.) and are free of sulfur, mercury and cadmium, as well as other heavy metals