Since the year 1975, WEISS Doppelbodensysteme has been producing raised floors with PVC covering and offers a large assortment of colors and patterns at very attractive conditions.

Due to its many advantages, raised floor panels have opened up a wide field of applications and, in addition to their economic advantages, their great success is due to their great service characteristics.

Wherever high demands are placed on floor coverings, homogeneous, single-layer floor coverings are in the shortlist.

So it is not surprising that mainly in technical rooms PVC is a widely used floor covering, because it can meet high standards.

Bodenbelag aus PVC

Environmental and health compatibility

  • Multiple times recyclable (exemplary in the economic cycle)
  • good for allergy sufferers
  • hygienic (odorless, no VOC emission)
  • resource-saving material

Comfort and safety

  • hardly inflammable
  • resistant to short-term exposure of many chemicals
  • design diversity
  • sound absorbing
  • non-slip
  • water repellent
  • warm underfoot

Economic feasibility

  • long durability
  • easy cleaning and care
  • electrostatic behavior adjustable (insulating, antistatic, electrically conductive)
  • cheap
  • can be installed in damp rooms
  • good elastic behavior (low residual impression)