Popular products of company Weiss are raised floor panels with rubber covering.

Due to their high resistance, rubber or rubber coverings are used for heavily frequented traffic areas such as train station halls and platforms, in airports, manufacturing halls, underpasses, sports facilities, schools, clinics, nursing homes, buses, etc.

This floor covering is available in a homogeneous or heterogeneous design, each with a smooth, roughened, grooved, grained or fluted surface. A variety of surface designs is available.

Bodenbelag aus PVC

Comfort and safety

  • High walking and standing comfort
  • Warm underfoot
  • Pleasant room acoustics
  • Elasticity
  • Non-slip in wet condition
  • Cigarette-glow resistant and hardly inflammable
  • Short-term effects of solvents, oils and greases as well as diluted acids or alkalis do not damage the surface


  • Easy cleaning
  • Neither coating nor grouting necessary
  • Hygienic
  • Moisture resistant
  • Hardwearing and very durable

Environmental and health compatibility

  • Elastic floor covering made of high-quality industrial and natural rubber and environmentally friendly color pigments
  • Very low emissions
  • Safety in case of fire
  • Free of PVC and PVC plasticizers, formaldehyde, asbestos, cadmium and CFC